WOMEN Make Up Nearly HALF Of All Video Game Players

When it comes to video game players, it’s not just about the guys anymore!

Player Girl
A new report suggests adult women make up nearly *half* of all gamers.

The study by the Entertainment Software Association found women are 45 percent of players — and 46 percent of the most-frequent game buyers.

That’s sharply contrasted by the fact that most games are marketed toward teenage boys and young men.

woman video gameIndustry experts consulted for this story say factors getting more women to play include greater diversity in games, more female characters and greater customization.


Miami Man Kills Wife, Posts Confession And Picture Of Woman’s Body On FACEBOOK

South Miami, Fla — A man kills his wife and then posts an apparent confession, and a picture of her body on Facebook.

medina couple 2

Police say 31-year old Derek Medina turned himself into police today, telling them he had shot his wife 26-year old – Jennifer Alfonso.

medina post

On his Facebook page Medina posted an apparent confession that reads in part:

“I’m going to prison… or death sentence for killing my wife.”

The post also claims that his wife was punching him and that he wasn’t going to stand any more abuse.

medina post

The next post was a photograph showing a woman… Believed to be medina’s wife… lying lifeless on the floor with the caption “rest in peace.”

The photo was up for more than 5 hours before Medina’s Facebook page was taken down.