Sticky Situation! Activists SUPERGLUE Themselves To Building

London — Six activists Superglued themselves to the Central London headquarters of Bell Pottinger, a PR company for UK energy company Cuadrilla Resources.


After lathering copious amounts of Superglue on the glass door of the Bell Pottinger office and attaching themselves to the object, four activists from the Reclaim the Power camp joined hands in the entryway.

protest 3

The protesters formed a human chain and blocked entry to the office building while chanting “Bell Pottinger, shame on you!” Another activist climbed atop an overhang above the entrance and unfurled a large banner reading “Bell Pottinger Fracking Liars.”

protest 4

The activists performed the protest in response to Cuadrilla’s efforts to begin hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, operations near the small English village of Balcombe.

Activists claim that fracking, a process by which high-pressure chemical fluid is shot into shale rocks to release oil and natural gas, contaminates groundwater with toxic chemicals.