Florida Man Leaves Daughter In Car, Goes To Strip Club

Report: Man left daughter in car, went to strip club

Orlando, Fla — A man arrested after he allegedly left his sleeping 7-year old daughter inside his car — while he visited a strip club.

38 year old – Elliut Gonzalez is now facing child neglect charges.
Someone called 9-1-1 after spotting his child inside a car… parked outside the Diamond Club around 1 am Wednesday.

A deputy had to knock on the car’s window multiple times… and then shake the car to wake the child.

Gonzalez allegedly told authorities he didn’t want to go home because of a fight with his girlfriend.

Sick Tomatoes? Woman Sues Sweet Tomatoes After Becoming Violently Ill

Orlando, Fla — A Central Florida woman is suing a popular salad bar restaurant after she said she became violently ill.

sweet tomatoes 1

According to lawsuit filed by Syrina Sullivan, she had to be taken to the hospital last year after eating a salad at “Sweet Tomatoes.”

sweet tomatoes 2

Sullivan filed a federal lawsuit against the chain seeking more than $15-thousand dollars in damages.

Lawyers for Sweet Tomatoes deny the allegations.

SeaWorld Orlando Veterinarians Perform First Ever Shark C-Section

Seaworld, Orlando — The Shark Surgery happened July 18th.. But this video was just released.


Vets say The operation was necessary after a Whitetip Reef Shark showed ‘complications’ about six months into its pregnancy.


Four healthy baby sharks were born at three pounds each, and each measured about two feet long.