Medical Breakthrough: Scientists Create Living And Working Kidney Using A 3D Printer!

3d printer

For the first time ever, scientists in China have successfully created a living human kidney.. Using a 3-d Printer.

The printed kidney is only a fraction of the size of a normal human kidney… which are about the size of a fist.

But scientists say about 90 percent of the cells on the printed kidney are alive.

The printed kidney is also capable of breaking down toxins .. just the way normal kidneys can.

Researchers say it may still be a few years – before we start seeing this technology being used in actual hospitals.

CATASTROPHE: Body Of Reclusive Woman Eaten By Her Own Pets


Hampshire, South East England — Janet Veal, 56, was found on her kitchen floor surrounded by her pets, some of which were also dead, with parts of her having been “gnawed and eaten.”

It is thought she had died weeks, or possibly months, before.

Her body was discovered at her home by neighbors.

It is thought Mrs Veal, whose husband left her the previous year and had a history of chest problems, died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

SCARED IN THE SKIES! Man Takes Friend Who is AFRAID of Flying on Aerobatics Flight


Antony decided to take his friend Josh, who has a fear of flying, up in the air. Because nothing cures your fear of flying like being tossed about in a tiny plane while doing aerobatic tricks thousands of feet off the ground.

A hilarious three minute video posted on YouTube simply titled ‘Aeros with Josh’ shows the man’s terrified reactions as the pilot pulls stomach-churning moves high in the air.

Since it was posted on Monday, it has gained nearly 765,000 views.