Hammerhead Shark Gives Birth To Litter Of Pups On A Florida Beach

Panama City Beach, Fla — A fisherman in Panama City Beach reels in a Hammerhead shark.. But that’s not the shocking part .. It’s what happened next that left beachgoers stunned..

hammer 2

After the fisherman hauled in the 5 foot Hammerhead … The shark gave birth to a litter of pups!

hammer 3

Park rangers arrived at the beach and tried to coax the shark back into deeper waters… but sadly the shark died.


The Shark pups.. which are very independent from their mother as soon as they are born.. Swam back into the ocean.

Swallowed fisherman fights his way out of shark.. but this story seems a little fishy

shark stab

FROM THE BIZARRE FILE: This fisherman did catch the shark and he did end up in its stomach. But first he made sure the shark was very dead before he gutted it and then crawled inside its body to prepare for a prank photo that would be taken by one of his friends. The picture has since gone viral.