REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES: Woman Threatening To Jump Saved By Stuntmen

Super heroes jumped from the big screen into real life at the annual Comic-Con Conference in San Diego.

Three stuntmen in town to promote the movie Kick-Ass 2 came to the rescue when they saw a woman dangling from the balcony of a 14th floor high-rise apartment.

The woman – reportedly upset over a breakup – stepped onto the 14th floor balcony and began climbing over the railing.

The stuntmen were able to get in behind her – without being heard – and put a harness around her to keep her in place. Police arrived a short time later.


FATAL FALL: Advertising Executive plunges 17 floors to her death after New York balcony railing COLLAPSES

ny balcony

35-year-old Jennifer Rosoff went outside for a cigarette with her date, who she met online, around 12.50 a.m when the railing collapsed after she propped her leg on it to stretch.


Buildings officials are investigating how the railing could have buckled.