Florida Man Leaves Daughter In Car, Goes To Strip Club

Report: Man left daughter in car, went to strip club

Orlando, Fla — A man arrested after he allegedly left his sleeping 7-year old daughter inside his car — while he visited a strip club.

38 year old – Elliut Gonzalez is now facing child neglect charges.
Someone called 9-1-1 after spotting his child inside a car… parked outside the Diamond Club around 1 am Wednesday.

A deputy had to knock on the car’s window multiple times… and then shake the car to wake the child.

Gonzalez allegedly told authorities he didn’t want to go home because of a fight with his girlfriend.

The Moment A Drunk Driver Flees Police, Crashes, Runs, And Is Stopped By A TASER

Laurel, MD — The Laurel Police Department in Maryland had their hands full with this genius.

They responded to a call about a woman on the wrong side of the road. Turns out she was intoxicated (shocker), but then things really get interesting.

As any dumb criminal would, she speeds away from Police, on the wrong side of the road and into a telephone pole.

After that, she runs from the scene and then Police taser her!

The video was captured using an AXON on-officer video camera and released by TASER.com

FL Republican Congressman Ted Yoho Says Tanning Tax Is A Racist Tax


During a town hall meeting in Gainesville on Saturday, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) told supporters that a 10 percent tax on tanning beds under the Affordable Care Act was “racist,” because people born with darker skin don’t need to tan.


Right Wing Watch posted audio of Yoho’s comments from the town hall.




A privately posted sign near a pre-school is certainly grabbing the attention of drivers. However, it may not serve its intended purpose.

The sign mistakenly reads “Please Slow Drively” instead of “Please Drive Slowly.” It has puzzled drivers who travel by it in Auburn, California.

Some drivers speculate the mistake was made on purpose to grab the attention of drivers and, in turn, make them slow down.