Woman’s Awesome ‘I Survived Cancer’ Note To Car Vandals Goes Viral

cancer victim

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A cancer survivor is fighting back after vandalism hit her southeast Portland neighborhood.

Within the past two weeks, someone has been slashing the tops of convertibles parked on side streets in the Hawthorne area.

Christy, who asked to remain anonymous, says she came out to find a big patch cut out of her car last Wednesday.

Like most challenges in her life, Christy fought back. She posted a note on her car with this message:

“Dear person who cut my car: this year I survived cancer. And I will survive your bull**** too.”

“To come out and see something like this — there is really no excuse, no matter what you think is so wrong with your life, to have to go out and cause hardship for other people,” Christy said.

It turns out, Christy is just one of many others who was targeted.

Phones were ringing off the hook at Beaverton Auto Upholstery where the owner says they’ve recently received at least 12 calls, all coming from the east side of town.Portland police say they don’t have any suspect information or motive behind the vandalism.

Family of 13-year-old autistic boy receives hate-filled letter urging them to ‘euthanize’ their son for being a neighborhood nuisance


CNN — An Ontario family is in shock after receiving an anonymous letter — purportedly from a neighbor — imploring them to euthanize their autistic son or move out of the neighborhood because of the “nuisance” the teen poses to the community.

“That noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL! It scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!!” said the letter aimed at 13-year-old Max Begley. “They should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate it to science.”

The letter, signed “One pissed off mother,” told the family to “go live in a trailer in the woods with your wild animal kid” and to “(do) the right thing and move or euthanize him!”

“Either way we are all better off.”

“Disgusting” is the word Max’s father, James Begley, said comes to mind when he thinks about the letter. “I cannot believe that someone would think that in this day and age.”


Begley said the letter was delivered to Max’s grandmother’s house, about 15 minutes from the Begley home in Oshawa, a town 40 miles from Toronto.

“I work and my wife has (multiple sclerosis),” Begley said. “So Max’s grandmother helps us out a lot. He is over there three to four times a week.”

Durham Regional Police said the incident is being investigated, and police have asked the Crown Attorney’s Office whether the letter constitutes a crime.

Crime or not, Begley is concerned.

“If someone is sick enough to not only have those thoughts, but to write those thoughts out and then to mail them” he said, then “they should be considered dangerous. We are all concerned.”

Despite the “one bad apple” as Begley described the letter’s author, his spirit has been buoyed by others who have rallied around Max. “The neighbors have been wonderful” he said.Max is going into the eighth grade this year and his dad said he is not aware exactly of what has happened, “but he sure is getting a kick out of all of the attention.”

Blurred Lines Music Video Parody Calls For Mayor Bob Filner To Resign

A San Diego TV station is calling for Mayor Bob Filner to resign.. in a controversial parody.

The station, affiliated with the San Diego Union Tribune.. made the “music video parody” of pop artist Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines”.. it stars their morning anchors.


Filner’s face is superimposed on a man’s head in the video.

14 women have come forward and accused him Filner of sexual harassment.

Hooters also banned Filner from all its restaurants in the city.

Lightning Strikes Family Car AFTER Boy Wishes For It!

A family car struck by lightning while driving in a storm in Utah.

Think that’s crazy?

The family says their son.. Tanner Morlock.. made a comment that he wished lightning would strike the car.. moments before they were hit.


Wish granted.

The strike blew out 3 tires.

But luckily no was injured.

“I Can Get By Now”: Divorced Minnesota Father Claims His Share Of Powerball Jackpot

Roseville, MN — A Minnesota man has stepped forward to claim his share of the 448 million dollar powerball jackpot.


Paul White of Ham Lake purchased one of the three winning tickets.

He picked up his check for 149.4 million dollars today.


White says he is not sure yet if he and his wife will continue working.

Two other winning powerball tickets were sold in New Jersey.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Man On Crusade To Catch Woman Stealing Amazon Package From Porch

Phoenix, AZ — It’s not quite the crime of the century, but one man is getting creative when it comes to catching a woman caught on tape stealing a package from his porch.

At first, Tim Lake thought the video was a new neighbor stopping by to say hello. But then he saw the blonde-haired woman grab the Amazon package and run off.

To try to catch the person, Lake created a very tongue-in-cheek poster and plastered it around his neighborhood.



The poster makes light of what happened, in both its description of the suspect and the circumstances surrounding the theft.

It also describes the woman as having eyes “lacking a soul” and her height as “about yay” high.


Lake even created an email account, heatherbraedrivejustice@aol.com, for tips leading to her arrest.

He said he’s making light of the situation since the package only contained some K-cup coffee pods and an ice cube tray.

However, he knows it could have been something more expensive, which is why he’s trying to spread the word about the theft in a creative way.

In addition to the posters, Lake filed a report with Phoenix police.

DIRTY DINING! Man Says He Bought Sandwich Crawling With Maggots At Airport

Atlanta, GA — Joel Woloshuk says he found quite the surprise in a sandwich he bought recently at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Woloshuk says he bought a focaccia sandwich at the Café Intermezzo franchise location inside Terminal B… but when he opened the box containing his sandwich he found maggots on it.


Woloshuk says he got out his phone and recorded video of the bugs crawling on his food after boarding a flight to Miami for work Wednesday morning.

Airport officials now say they are enhancing the way they inspect restaurants inside the airport.