Man DECAPITATES himself by remote control helicopter in NY park


NEW YORK (AP) – A teenager operating a remote control helicopter in a New York City park has been struck in the head by it and killed.

Police say 19-year-old Roman Pirozek Jr. died Thursday afternoon near a parkway in Brooklyn. They say he suffered a severe head injury.


Enthusiasts are allowed to operate model aircraft in designated parts of Calvert Vaux Park, which features a playground, basketball courts and baseball diamonds.

Pirozek’s father is the vice president of the Seaview Rotary Wings Helicopter Club, which organizes flights in the park. He hasn’t responded to requests for comment.


A spokesman for the Muncie, Ind.-based Academy of Model Aeronautics says he believes Pirozek’s death is only the second death caused by a remote control helicopter in the United States.

CATASTROPHE: Body Of Reclusive Woman Eaten By Her Own Pets


Hampshire, South East England — Janet Veal, 56, was found on her kitchen floor surrounded by her pets, some of which were also dead, with parts of her having been “gnawed and eaten.”

It is thought she had died weeks, or possibly months, before.

Her body was discovered at her home by neighbors.

It is thought Mrs Veal, whose husband left her the previous year and had a history of chest problems, died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Miami Man Kills Wife, Posts Confession And Picture Of Woman’s Body On FACEBOOK

South Miami, Fla — A man kills his wife and then posts an apparent confession, and a picture of her body on Facebook.

medina couple 2

Police say 31-year old Derek Medina turned himself into police today, telling them he had shot his wife 26-year old – Jennifer Alfonso.

medina post

On his Facebook page Medina posted an apparent confession that reads in part:

“I’m going to prison… or death sentence for killing my wife.”

The post also claims that his wife was punching him and that he wasn’t going to stand any more abuse.

medina post

The next post was a photograph showing a woman… Believed to be medina’s wife… lying lifeless on the floor with the caption “rest in peace.”

The photo was up for more than 5 hours before Medina’s Facebook page was taken down.

EMOTIONAL END: 20-year-old South Florida Woman Breaks Down In Tears As She Learns Her Fate

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — A 20-year-old Port Saint Lucie woman has pleaded guilty in a fatal hit-and-run crash that left a Miami Beach chef dead.

Karlie Tomica agreed to a plea deal that sentences her to four years in prison, followed by 2 years house arrest, And 15 years probation..

She is also banned from driving for the rest of her life.


According to prosecutors, Tomica left her job as a bartender at the Nikki Beach nightclub drunk.. and then struck and killed 49-year-old Stefano Riccioletti as he walked across a street.

Riccioletti was an executive chef and father of three.

DIRTY DINING! Man Says He Bought Sandwich Crawling With Maggots At Airport

Atlanta, GA — Joel Woloshuk says he found quite the surprise in a sandwich he bought recently at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Woloshuk says he bought a focaccia sandwich at the CafĂ© Intermezzo franchise location inside Terminal B… but when he opened the box containing his sandwich he found maggots on it.


Woloshuk says he got out his phone and recorded video of the bugs crawling on his food after boarding a flight to Miami for work Wednesday morning.

Airport officials now say they are enhancing the way they inspect restaurants inside the airport.

13-Foot Python Slithers Through Ventilation System, KILLS Two Sleeping Kids In Canada

snake boys 4

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Two young boys sleeping over at a friend’s place were dead by morning.

Officials in new Brunswick, Canada, say a 13-foot snake killed Noah and Connor Barth while they slept.

snake boys

snake store

A friend of the two boys lives at an apartment above his father’s pet store, where he sells exotic reptiles.

Sometime after the boys went to sleep, one of those reptiles escaped.


Canadian royal mounted police say a 100-pound python escaped its enclosure, crawled through the ventilation system into the apartment above the store, and strangled the five-year-old and seven-year-old boy.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have seized the snake and are investigating

Shocking video shows 18-wheeler running off I-30 overpass

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX — A crash forced the closure of a highway in Texas for hours this weekend.

Saturday, the driver of a 18-wheeler was killed when he flew off the Turnpike and onto I-30 below, with his truck bursting into flames.

The truck narrowly missed drivers.

The semi’s driver is identified as James Long of Clarksville, Tennessee..

An investigation continues to try to determine whether he was alive when he drove off the Turnpike.