Medical Breakthrough: Scientists Create Living And Working Kidney Using A 3D Printer!

3d printer

For the first time ever, scientists in China have successfully created a living human kidney.. Using a 3-d Printer.

The printed kidney is only a fraction of the size of a normal human kidney… which are about the size of a fist.

But scientists say about 90 percent of the cells on the printed kidney are alive.

The printed kidney is also capable of breaking down toxins .. just the way normal kidneys can.

Researchers say it may still be a few years – before we start seeing this technology being used in actual hospitals.

Sick Tomatoes? Woman Sues Sweet Tomatoes After Becoming Violently Ill

Orlando, Fla — A Central Florida woman is suing a popular salad bar restaurant after she said she became violently ill.

sweet tomatoes 1

According to lawsuit filed by Syrina Sullivan, she had to be taken to the hospital last year after eating a salad at “Sweet Tomatoes.”

sweet tomatoes 2

Sullivan filed a federal lawsuit against the chain seeking more than $15-thousand dollars in damages.

Lawyers for Sweet Tomatoes deny the allegations.

Would you eat a test-tube burger?

testtube burger 3

London — The 5oz (142g) patty, which cost $330,000 to produce, was dished up by its creator before an invited audience.

testtube burger2

Scientist-turned-chef Professor Mark Post produced the burger from 20,000 tiny strips of meat grown from cow stem cells. He believes it could start a food revolution, with artificial meat products appearing in supermarkets in as little as 10 years.