HANGING BY A THREAD: Wife Saves Suicidal Husband By Grabbing Onto His Boxer Shorts

suicidal husband 2

Changchun, Jilin Province, Northern China – Talk about a strong grip! Ling Su Clung held on to her husbands boxer shorts for 20 minutes until police arrived.

suicidal husband 1

Wang Li was dangling from a six-story apartment.

Rescuers pulled the 45-year-old to safety, who was apparently depressed about a lack of work.



FATAL FALL: Advertising Executive plunges 17 floors to her death after New York balcony railing COLLAPSES

ny balcony

35-year-old Jennifer Rosoff went outside for a cigarette with her date, who she met online, around 12.50 a.m when the railing collapsed after she propped her leg on it to stretch.


Buildings officials are investigating how the railing could have buckled.

Swallowed fisherman fights his way out of shark.. but this story seems a little fishy

shark stab

FROM THE BIZARRE FILE: This fisherman did catch the shark and he did end up in its stomach. But first he made sure the shark was very dead before he gutted it and then crawled inside its body to prepare for a prank photo that would be taken by one of his friends. The picture has since gone viral.

MAN tries to smuggle his pet turtle through airport by dressing it up as a KFC burger!

turtle burger

A man tried to smuggle his pet turtle through security in a Chinese airport by hiding it in a KFC hamburger.

The man, identified only as Mr. Li, was about to board a flight from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Beijing. Li was passing through security when an X-ray screening machines detected a few “odd protrusions” sticking out of a KFC burger that the man had packed in his bag, reported Guangzhou Daily.

Airport staff was suspicious and asked to inspect Li’s luggage, despite his pleas not to search through his belongings.

The inspection revealed a pet turtle hidden inside the burger in the Li’s bag. When asked why he had tried to hide his pet in such a way, he said that he just really wanted to travel with his “beloved” turtle by his side.After staff explained that hiding a turtle in such a manner was not going to fly, Li reluctantly agreed to allow a friend to care for his pet while he was away.