Toe-tally Gross! Bar Patron Swallows Human Toe


(CNN) — Even in the best of circumstances, Dawson City’s famed Sourtoe Cocktail doesn’t go down smoothly.

On Saturday night, however, the cocktail’s marquee ingredient — an actual human toe — went down a way it was never meant to.

Served by the Sourtoe Cocktail club at Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel, the Sourtoe can be any drink — what makes it a Sourtoe Cocktail is the addition of a real, preserved amputated toe, which is dropped into the glass.

As reported by CBC News, on Saturday, an American visiting the town in Yukon, for the summer downed his Sourtoe Cocktail, toe and all.

The mixer of choice was reportedly a shot of whiskey.

The apparently satisfied boozer immediately paid the requisite $500, the bar’s posted fine for swallowing the toe.

This isn’t the first time the toe has been swallowed, but Terry Lee, the bartender on duty Saturday night, thinks it’s the first time the toe has been swallowed deliberately.

“Lee says the tradition will continue, as the bar has a backup toe,” reported the CBC.

‘If you have a spare toe, we need one’

In addition, according to the CBC, the fine for swallowing the toe has been bumped to $2,500.

A donated toe is being sought as a replacement.

“We like to have two toes — we switch them off once a week … and now we can’t do that … we need toes. We’re putting it out there, if you have a spare toe, hey we need one,” Lee told the CBC.

Although nobody seems sure of the origins of the drink, it first appeared in 1973 when drinkers who consumed a glass of Champagne or beer that contained the toe could then declare themselves true “sourtoers.”

The name is a play on “sourdough,” a term for longtime residents of the Yukon and neighboring Alaska.

Today, the toe can be placed in any drink but one rule still applies: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow — but the lips have gotta touch the toe.”

Some 60,000 people have reportedly tried the Sourtoe cocktail to date.Sourtoe Cocktail Club, Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Yukon; Sourtoe Cocktail: $5.80

CREEPY or COOL? Surgery trend creates JOKER-style grins for women in South Korea


Thanks to Reddit, we’ve just learned of a “new” surgery that seems to be gaining traction there, known as “Smile Lipt” or “Mouth Corner Surgery.”



Performed at the South Korean AOne Plastic Surgery Clinic, this surgery involves cutting the corners of the mouth and re-stitching them to provide a upturned perma-smile.


Sticky Situation! Activists SUPERGLUE Themselves To Building

London — Six activists Superglued themselves to the Central London headquarters of Bell Pottinger, a PR company for UK energy company Cuadrilla Resources.


After lathering copious amounts of Superglue on the glass door of the Bell Pottinger office and attaching themselves to the object, four activists from the Reclaim the Power camp joined hands in the entryway.

protest 3

The protesters formed a human chain and blocked entry to the office building while chanting “Bell Pottinger, shame on you!” Another activist climbed atop an overhang above the entrance and unfurled a large banner reading “Bell Pottinger Fracking Liars.”

protest 4

The activists performed the protest in response to Cuadrilla’s efforts to begin hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, operations near the small English village of Balcombe.

Activists claim that fracking, a process by which high-pressure chemical fluid is shot into shale rocks to release oil and natural gas, contaminates groundwater with toxic chemicals.

Talk About STONED: Dog Has Emergency Surgery After Eating 16 ROCKS


It’s not that unusual for dogs to chew on a kid’s toy… or even a piece of clothing.

But for a 7-year old golden retriever in minnesota… its appetite ended with emergency surgery.


Gordon’s stomach was full of rocks, 16 to be exact — weighing nearly 2 pounds!

rocks 2

Doctor Jeff Yu performed a 2 hour emergency surgery to remove the rocks.

Doctor Yu says he’s seen animals ingest all kinds of things over the years… from pacifiers and toys… to clothing, and even a rock or two.

FL Man Arrested After Biting Part Of Man’s Ear Off And Then Putting It In A Cup Of Coffee!

Port St. Lucie, Fla — Port St. Lucie Police arrest a man for biting part of a man’s ear off and then placing it in a cup of coffee.

Kenneth Howard Thompson.

Police say on Sunday, Kenneth Howard Thompson came home to his female roommate and found that she had a male friend at the house.


Thompson then allegedly started a fight with the man.. And then bit a part of his ear off – when the man tried to leave.


Thompson told police that he put the ear in a cup of coffee that had creamer in it, because he said that he heard if you lose a tooth you should keep it in creamer.

Thompson was arrested for aggravated battery and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail.

CATASTROPHE: Body Of Reclusive Woman Eaten By Her Own Pets


Hampshire, South East England — Janet Veal, 56, was found on her kitchen floor surrounded by her pets, some of which were also dead, with parts of her having been “gnawed and eaten.”

It is thought she had died weeks, or possibly months, before.

Her body was discovered at her home by neighbors.

It is thought Mrs Veal, whose husband left her the previous year and had a history of chest problems, died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

NIGHTMARE IN THE AIR! 13 Hours, 8 Toilets, and 26 Passengers Sick To Their Stomachs.


Passengers, believed to be a tour group traveling together became sick with food poisoning just before boarding the Qantas flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney.

Statement from the NSW Ministry of Health:

The group developed vomiting and diarrhea on the plane consistent with norovirus infection.


When the flight landed – 16 patients were taken to the hospital suffering mass vomiting and diarrhea.